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Joomla! extensions

  • devicookieinfo simple plugin do display message about cookie directive
  • Devimortgage for Joomla! 2.5, 3.x
    place loan calculator on your website
  • devilib Joomla! library, helper with common util classes

About Deviapps

Deviapps provides open source solutions to your business. Please visit deviapps.com for paid support

Latest news

devicookieinfo: 1.0.3 released
Added by Cyprian Śniegota almost 4 years ago

Devimortgage: 1.0.3 released
First public version
Added by Cyprian Śniegota about 4 years ago

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Latest projects

  • devicookieinfo (05/13/2013 11:04 pm)

    Joomla! plugin to display cookie directive (hide after accepted)

  • deviapps-libs (03/24/2013 11:10 am)

    Common classes for Java projects

  • deviapps-mail (03/24/2013 12:55 am)

    Java library to fetch mail from mailserver

  • joomla-maven-plugin (02/24/2013 02:51 pm)

    Joomla maven plugin main package for 3.x and legacy for 2.5
    Project will be divided into joomla2 and joomla3 maven plugins

    Contains maven plugin and Joomla! base skeleton extensions

  • joomla3-maven-plugin (02/24/2013 10:32 am)

    Not yet released!
    Maven plugin to easy develop Joomla! 3.x native extensions

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